Teas to build COVID Immunity

When in December 2019, the first case of the Novel CoronaVirus was identified, people didn’t give much importance to it. Subsequently, in March 2020, WHO declared the outbreak to be a global pandemic.

Almost a year has passed and now suddenly, we find ourselves fighting an invisible enemy with almost no breakthroughs from science. Indeed the only thing we know as of now is that immunity is the only answer.

Building up our body, making it a powerhouse , letting our defence system protect us is indeed the best way to get out of this covid trap.

How do we handle this, how do we build ourselves up, without the struggle and the strife?  The answer is simple.Tea and particularly the kind we brew at Teamonk!

Teamonk, a private corporation that produces excellent quality tea and uses premium quality tea leaves from the gardens of Assam, Nilgiris, Arunachal Pradesh, and Darjeeling. These are  a range of All Natural Teas without any synthetic additives, nothing but hand picked, pure grade and whole leaf.

With these specially sourced ingredients, the experts at  prepare exquisite Green tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, White tea, and their very own Herbteas.

Each of these teas bring special immunity building capabilities

like for example our very own Black tea.

Black tea comprises some super elements like alkylamine and tannins.

The tannins will help fight off viruses of diseases like the flu and improve your overall immunity. Along with viruses, black teas also help you fight bacteria as well.

Green tea ispopularly known as the tea that people drink for weight loss.

Fun fact about Green tea: it comprises components like phenolics and antioxidants. These components are known to improve your immune system and fight against pathogens and bacterial diseases. Even though they don’t fight against viruses directly, the immune system’s overall strengthening will automatically protect one in times like these.

White tea is almost empty of any caffeine and is actually the most effective in improving the immune system. This is because white tea has been scientifically proven to have better anti-viral effects on the body.

Then we have our very ownOolong tea.

Rich in taste and mild in caffeine content, Oolong tea primarily prevents anxiety disorders and improves alertness and attentiveness.

However, along with these, it helps your body improve your cellular systemand boosts the metabolism. So, Oolong tea is highly effective in  improving the immunity of the system and fighting off viruses.

The Ayurvedic Green tea infusions created by Teamonk are not to be missed.

The tea is popularly known as a kadha green tea, kadha referring to the Indian herbal reduction.

Kadha, is primarily known to be a natural immunity booster since ancient times, and with Kadha Green Tea, Teamonk aims at producing its own signature immunity booster that has green tea at the heart of it, fortified by plant powers of ginger, pepper, cinnamon and  tulsi (Holy Basil).

So take the easier, tastier, lovelier way out of the Covid trap, make a routine of our teas, build them into your day and you are sure to be rid of all deadly virus threats like CORONA.

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