Vitamin T ( EA) and its effect on your beauty regime

Vitamin T ( EA) and its effect on your beauty regime

Till now you have come across a couple of write ups that strongly justify the health benefits of having tea. But today our pick is the beautiful benefit of having tea. In that regard, we have thought to write on some tips that you can have with tea. Green tea and its leaves when taken in raw form can do a miracle on your skin. Therefore stay tuned to know more about the tricks and tips that we suggest in the low down points.

Use as a skin toner

Toning your skin at least twice a day is very important as it helps to keep the pores shrunk and minimized. But relying on the alcohol-based toner won’t prove much good for the skin. That is why you can prepare your DIY skin toner at home with tea. You can use either of the tea leaves or tea bags. But you may wonder why should you use it. Well in that case note that tea consists of astringent which is enough good for releasing the grim from the pores. But at the same time, it won’t make your face look greasy. And overall your face looks too clean.

Good for scrubbing

Are you among that lazy person who loves to have dip teas with tea bags? If yes then next time don’t throw away the tea bags. It is because you can have the tea bags for rubbing the face. You can use it instead of market scrubbers. But make sure that you dry out the tea bags and then rub them slowly on the face. It will peel off the dead skin and will also enhance the skin texture. Additionally, will make the skin look glowing. Now that is all because of the presence of antioxidants in the tea leaves.

Oil absorbent for face

Too much secretion of sebum at times leads to a greasy face. And the deposition of oil leads to pore blockage and because of which you tend to get acne. Therefore if you want to fight the oil on the face you won’t need to complain regarding the acne. And for that, you can use this kitchen item that is tea. In that context, you have to keep your faith in the jasmine tea. This tea is known for its antimicrobial properties which help fight the bacteria that give rise to pimples. But if you want to apply topically, just prepare the jasmine tea let it aside until it cools down then apply that one gently on your face with cotton. Additionally, it will also help to restore the ph level of the skin as well.

Cleanses facial skin

Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing are necessary to enjoy a rejuvenated skin. But to get a better effect you should rely on DIY elements like the tea leaves. You can use tea leaves for cleansing your skin. For cleansing, you should choose green tea. It is because it has lots of antioxidants and the processing is also less. But you need to use it like a thick paste which you can do by mixing in the grinder for forget to add some water. Once wiped off you will enjoy a soothing face.

Conditioning hair

Hair conditioners are popular and people with frizzy hair keep this item as a staple. Therefore instead of using any kind of marketed hair conditioner, you can simply use the prepared from tea leaves. To prepare the conditioner you will require black tea. It can release the frizz from the strands and strengthens the root. To have this you need to make the black tea then let it cool. After shampooing just rinse the hair with the cold black tea.

Chappy lips

Do you have chapped and cracked lips? If yes then you should probably try out this homemade tea recipe. And for that, you should pick the green tea from the shelf. You just need to take the green tea bag. Just apply the warm bag to your chapped areas of the leaf. This will release the lips from the burning feeling. In addition to that, it will help to keep the lips moisturized and hydrated.

Calms skin inflammation

Have you ever tried to add tea to the list of skin smoothening? Well, you can try that certainly because chamomile tea has soothing properties that will help the skin get healed from any kind of inflammation. It also helps to reduce all sorts of redness, rashes, and flakiness from the skin.

Final say

These are the underlined skin and hair benefits that you can always reap from the tea leaves.

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